Florida Republicans Go Full Adolph

Support Der Führer or leave the party.

8 min readJul 10, 2023
Library of Congress pic of Trump from Unsplash (I searched for “Hitler”), edited by author

In case you missed it, the Florida Republican Party has decided that every candidate in the state’s Republican Presidential primary must pledge to support the party’s eventual nominee. Where were they in 2015, when the only candidate who would not make that pledge was Donald Trump? Back then, before the party was hijacked by the Red-Hats (red hats, brown shirts, what difference does it make?), the idea of a loyalty pledge never occurred to party bosses. But now, when a would-be dictator is running and likely to win the nomination, any challenger must pledge to support this traitorous piece of shit even if he’s running from a jail cell. I guess it’s fitting: Americans go to Florida to die. Why not take Democracy with them?

Party Discipline is a good thing, until it isn’t.

It would be hard to overstate the importance of what Florida has done. If every state party does it, no candidate in any primary can attack Trump as harshly as he deserves. If everyone in the primary has pledged to support the guy if he wins the nomination, how bad can they say he is?

The RNC has already made “taking the pledge” a prerequisite for appearing in party-sponsored debates. That’s an obnoxious and fascistic move, but the never-Trumpers, if they have any brains, can…