Where is the March to Save Democracy?

2 min readApr 29, 2024

March on Harrisburg describes itself as a “non-partisan, statewide, grassroots community reimagining how our democracy operates.” They have also, it appears for pics on their website, actually marched on Harrisburg.

MOH does more than march, but the name does make one wonder why no one is marching on Washington for the express purpose of saving our democracy. We marched against gun violence. We marched to save abortion rights. But democracy? Where are all those Never-Trumpers out there? Why isn’t someone organizing a march, maybe around Labor Day, to show the world that Donald Trump is not what America is about?

In November, seventy million Americans will vote for an awful human being to be the Leader of the Free World. Are we really that venal? Do we really no longer deserve to govern ourselves? Because make no mistake about it: A country that elects a Donald Trump is politically incompetent, either because it elected him or because it let things get so bad that he seemed not so bad. It’s no coincidence that Trump emerged at a time when Congress’s approval rating was below 20%. There was a swamp to drain, and it’s only gotten worse. But putting Trump in the White House made no more sense than putting bleach in your veins.

What about No Labels, the huffing, puffing do-nothings whose Prime Directive was not to help Trump get elected. Instead of sitting this one out, how about they make up some placards, get a permit, rent some port-a-potties, and get this thing on the road. Just tell me where to send my money. And where to get on the bus.

So, if you know anyone with the tools to make a march happen, give them a call. Sound the alarm. And promise to show up.

MAGA delenda est.